WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Call On GOP Legislators To Defend Justice

Sep 28, 2023

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Call On GOP Legislators To Defend Justice

MADISON, Wis. — On the heels of Robin Vos’ renewed threats to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz, Wisconsinites from around the state are making it clear that they oppose Vos’ anti-democratic power grab. From Hudson to Waukesha, Wisconsinites are calling on their state legislators to respect the will of the voters and oppose any attempt to impeach, convict, and remove Justice Protasiewicz from office.

See what Wisconsinites have to say about Robin Vos’ anti-democratic impeachment threats:

Linda Heller, Black River Falls: “In April, we (Jackson County) voted for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice and Judge Janet Protasiewicz won. She won the most votes in Wisconsin and so became the newest Supreme Court justice. Great. Our vote is our voice. The majority spoke, but it does not seem to be good enough. There is a movement in the Wisconsin Legislature to erase your vote by impeaching Justice Protasiewicz. Strange? Why would anyone want to erase a Wisconsin citizen’s vote? That seems un-American.”

Celeste Koeberl, Hudson: “We voters understand that who’s on our state’s highest court matters a lot, and we voters make informed choices between competing candidates. We voters decisively chose Justice Janet Protasiewicz in our April 2023 statewide election, but now some Republican legislators are trying to undo our votes.”

Barbara Monroe, La Farge: “Because you do not like the outcome of an election you have no right to nullify my vote. When representatives vow to uphold the constitution, they need to do it. Removing a duly elected judge for anything other than a high crime or misdemeanor is beyond the pale.”

Sarah O’Brien, Madison, Retired Judge: “[Robin Vos’] attempt to keep Justice Protasiewicz from ruling on these cases is an undemocratic attempt to overturn the results of the election where Wisconsin voters chose her by a wide margin.”

Peter Truitt, Danbury: “The fact that Janet won her election with over 55% of the vote indicates that she had the support of nearly all swing voters. Those calling for her to be removed should remember that. Republicans have been squandering the public’s patience in various novel attempts to deny the will of the voters, even following elections.”

Philip Anderson, Maple: “This is an outrageous attack on Democracy. In America voters elect candidates to political offices. State legislators do not get to overturn those choices because they do not like the political views of the winning candidate. […] This attack on democracy must be stopped. Citizens of every political persuasion must contact their Assembly representative and demand an end to these politically motivated impeachment threats.”

Kathy Streitz, Hudson: “Wisconsin voters elected Judge Janet by an overwhelming margin. Speaker Vos and Assembly Republicans cannot overturn the election simply to stay in power.  Representative Shannon Zimmerman (who at this writing is ‘undecided’ on the impeachment vote), please consider what is right to support democracy in Wisconsin.”

Linda Wilkens, Green Lake: “‘I’m extremely frustrated!’, stated 41st Assembly Rep. Alex Dallman in a letter, in which he wrote about the GOP agenda and asked for donations. I’m a voter and I’m also extremely frustrated. […] With the landslide victory of Justice Protasiewicz, who won by 11 points in April, the Supreme Court is now liberal leaning. Robin Vos won’t have it. He fears the Supreme Court might rule against GOP rigged maps. He wants to keep GOP control in Madison. His tactics to keep control first is to impeach Protasiewicz, and second to pass a fake ‘Iowa’ redistricting plan. Neither tactic is legitimate. It’s all about power.”

Mark Smith, Oconto Falls: “An open letter to my state representative (Republicans Elijah Behnke, Oconto, and Jeff Mursau, Crivitz, both represent parts of Oconto County) and state senator (Mary Felzkowski, R-Irma). […] Candidly speaking however, an impeachment of a state supreme court justice who has barely started her job and won by 11% seems just plain wrong.”

Scott Trindl, Waukesha: “In order to prevent another questionable power grab by our gerrymandered state Legislature, we all need to contact our state legislators to remind them how we voted. Scott Allen is my Assembly representative, as he is for a good portion of the city of Waukesha. I’ll be contacting him to urge him to follow the will of the voters of Wisconsin, and the city of Waukesha.”

Jessica Voss, Viroqua: “This spring, Wisconsin voters elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz. It wasn’t a close race; she won overwhelmingly in Vernon and La Crosse counties, and in Wisconsin at large she won by over 200,000 votes. Wisconsinites can take pride in the high voter turnout and in exercising our constitutional rights as Americans. Now Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is attempting to impeach her before she has had even a single opportunity to do the job we elected her to do. He wants to strip us of our voice and our right to determine our governance.”