WATCH: Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate Two Years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Nov 15, 2023

WATCH: Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate Two Years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

MADISON, Wis.Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler and Biden-Harris National Advisory Board Member Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway held a press conference commemorating the two-year anniversary of President Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Speaking at the site of a project which received funding from the historic legislation, Chair Wikler and Mayor Rhodes-Conway highlighted the contrast between Donald Trump and Republicans’ failed promises and how President Biden and Democrats are delivering an infrastructure decade with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Watch the event and see what speakers had to say in part below:

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway: “The president, vice president, and Senator Baldwin have made historic investments in our infrastructure. […] And millions and millions of dollars for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety improvements on our streets, including this bridge right behind me. These investments are being made in cities across the state of Wisconsin and across the country. And it’s not just the infrastructure, although that would be enough. It’s also the incredible opportunity to create good, family-supporting jobs in our communities, to build the middle class, and to invest in people in our communities.”

Chair Ben Wikler: “Former President Trump ran in 2016, visiting Wisconsin over and over, promising that he would build, build, build, and then didn’t lift a finger to actually make good on that promise. But President Biden and Democrats in the Senate, joined by Republicans from other states, got it done, and are actually building things right now that benefit all of us. That’s why 2024 is so critical. We’ve seen exactly what each party does when they have oversight over the federal government. We’ve seen Republicans talk, and Democrats deliver action. And in 2024, it’s critical that we reelect Senator Baldwin, and we reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris, so that we can finish the job. So we can keep building, creating great jobs and building a brighter future for all Wisconsinites. Today is the two year anniversary, but for decades to come, Wisconsinites will be benefiting from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”