Republicans “Retreat” “Ease Off” & “Walk Back” Impeachment Threats

Oct 13, 2023

Republicans “Retreat” “Ease Off” & “Walk Back” Impeachment Threats

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Robin Vos reacted to days of embarrassing coverage of his own advisors advising him against impeachment with a desperate attempt to move the goalposts on the GOP’s impeachment threats. Instead of impeachment now, Vos threatened impeachment only if Justice Protasiewicz ruled in a way he disagreed with. Like the Gableman investigation, Robin Vos’ latest attempt at overturning an election has ended in embarrassing failure, and his continued hollow threats are becoming sad to watch.

Read more coverage of Robin Vos and the GOP’s “retreat” on impeachment:

NEW YORK TIMES: Wisconsin Republicans Retreat From Threats to Impeach Liberal Justice

“Wisconsin Republicans signaled on Thursday that they were retreating from their threats to impeach a recently seated liberal State Supreme Court justice, Janet Protasiewicz, before the newly left-leaning court could throw out the gerrymandered legislative maps that have cemented the G.O.P.’s hold on power in the state.”

WISCONSIN EXAMINER: Republicans ease off impeachment threat after Supreme Court accepts redistricting case

“After months of threatening that they would consider impeaching liberal Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz if she weighed in on a lawsuit over the state’s legislative maps, Wisconsin Republican lawmakers have pulled back from the idea. […] In addition to Vos’ retreat from the threat, multiple Senate Republicans have stated they don’t support impeachment, meaning there wouldn’t be enough votes in the Senate to remove Protasiewicz. In an audio recording obtained by the Examiner, a staff member for Sen. Rachel Cabral-Guevara (R-Appleton) told a member of the public that ‘she does not support impeachment.’ Sen. Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville) also told CBS58 he doesn’t support impeachment.”

WASHINGTON POST: Republican effort to impeach Wis. Supreme Court justice loses steam

“Republican lawmakers in this political battleground state appear to be easing off an effort to impeach a new liberal state Supreme Court justice who in her campaign promoted abortion rights and condemned gerrymandering.”

DEMOCRACY DOCKET: Wisconsin Republicans Walk Back Efforts to Impeach Newly Elected State Supreme Court Justice Protasiewicz

“On Thursday, Oct. 12, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) and fellow Republicans indicated that they would walk back their impeachment crusade against liberal state Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz. This comes after last week when former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser advised Vos that there should be “no effort to impeach” Protasiewicz over her refusal to recuse herself from an ongoing legal challenge to the state’s legislative maps.”