Back Together Again: Johnson Holds Fundraiser With Donor He Secured Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Tax Deductions For

Aug 16, 2022

Back Together Again: Johnson Holds Fundraiser With Donor He Secured Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Tax Deductions For

MADISON, Wis. – Ron Johnson is headed to a fundraiser hosted by Diane Hendricks – the same billionaire donor who’s already given over $6 million to a Super PAC backing Johnson this cycle and was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the change Johnson was able to make to the 2017 tax bill.

Here are some fast facts on Johnson’s long standing relationship with Diana Hendricks:

Ron Johnson changed the 2017 tax bill in a way that benefited himself and his biggest donors, including Diane Hendricks, and has outright admitted that they all benefited from his efforts: 

  • ProPublica: “Johnson’s demand was simple: In exchange for his vote, the bill must sweeten the tax break for a class of companies that are known as pass-throughs, since profits pass through to their owners…Johnson flipped to a “yes” and claimed credit for the change. The bill passed…Confidential tax records, however, reveal that Johnson’s last-minute maneuver benefited two families more than almost any others in the country — both worth billions and both among the senator’s biggest donors.”
  • The AP: “Johnson switched from an opponent of the massive Trump tax cut bill to a supporter after getting the more generous tax cuts that resulted in more than $79 million in tax savings for two of his largest donors in 2018 alone.”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “‘Now, did my business benefit? Sure. Did some of my donor businesses? Sure…’ Johnson said.”
  • Politifact: “Multiple analyses show America’s millionaires and billionaires are receiving large chunks of those benefits. We rate their claim True.”

Diane Hendricks and the Uihleins are now bankrolling Johnson’s re-election efforts with millions of dollars in contributions.

  • Forbes: “Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin native and the richest self-made woman in America, has given $6.5 million to a super PAC backing Johnson. Meanwhile, Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, founders of Wisconsin-based packaging company Uline, have chipped in over $4 million to several groups supporting the senator.”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “The three biggest donors with Wisconsin ties — Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, owners of Uline Inc. in Pleasant Prairie, and Diane Hendricks, co-founder of Beloit-based ABC Supply Co. — are giving big bucks to Wisconsin Truth PAC, a new super PAC backing U.S. Ron Johnson.”