ICYMI: DeSantis Shows Us What Kind of Governor Michels Would Be

Sep 26, 2022

ICYMI: DeSantis Shows Us What Kind of Governor Michels Would Be

“Tim Michels would ratify everything that the reactionaries in the Wisconsin Legislature have been trying to do these past four years.”

MADISON, Wis. — Whether it’s Ron DeSantis’ radical policies to restrict access to abortion, undermine the rights of LGBTQ+ people, or use kids as political pawns, Tim Michels’ decision to campaign with DeSantis makes one thing certain: Michels wants to bring these radical policies to Wisconsin.

Like DeSantis, Michels can’t hide from his radical agenda. He supports abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest and has said Wisconsin’s 1849 law, which could lead to doctors being jailed for trying to save a pregnant woman’s life, is “an exact mirror” of his position. As governor, he would sign additional restrictions and reduce access to healthcare for Wisconsinites.

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The Cap Times: Opinion – DeSantis shows us what kind of governor Michels would be

If there ever was any doubt about why Tim Michels shouldn’t be Wisconsin’s next governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis made it perfectly clear last weekend.

Michels will turn Wisconsin’s government into Florida’s, the bomb-throwing king of the Sunshine State assured a campaign rally in Green Bay just before the Packers-Bears game last Sunday night.

Now that should be enough to scare any resident of the Badger State.

Florida has become one of the nation’s most reactionary states: anti-women’s choice, anti-vaccinations, anti-masking for students during the height of a pandemic, pro-gerrymandering, pro-censoring of various academic courses, pro-banning of “suspect” books, pro-vote suppression and, of course, pro-Donald Trump.

Oh, I forgot. That already would be Wisconsin if not for Tony Evers as governor.

In other words, according to DeSantis, Tim Michels would ratify everything that the reactionaries in the Wisconsin Legislature have been trying to do these past four years.

Guess we should be thanking the Florida governor for making it clear how Michels would govern should he win the Nov. 8 election. The Wisconsin millionaire road contractor, after all, hasn’t been exactly clear about what he would do if he wins.

Instead, he has been running a mostly negative campaign so far, claiming that Democrat Evers has been soft on crime, falsely blaming him for the violence that struck Kenosha in 2020, revisiting the bogus claims that the 2020 election was fixed and even refusing to disclose whether he would accept the results of the 2022 election if he loses.

What might be refreshing is if he would tell us what we should do with the $5 billion surplus, how he proposes to fund public schools and pay for the vouches he wants to expand, how he would solve the worker shortage that plagues so many businesses in Wisconsin and a host of other issues and problems facing the state.

Instead he has called on Evers to stop granting paroles to incarcerated criminals, something the governor isn’t in charge of and has no control over in the first place.

But, like DeSantis, he’s not above pulling a few stunts for political gain. The Florida governor sends immigrants unannounced, including moms and kids, from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in hopes of embarrassing “liberals.” Michels wants Evers to stop the granting of paroles that are in the hands of an independent board and judges’ sentencing orders.

They look like two peas in a pod.

Writing in the Bulwark recently, columnist Jim Swift declared that DeSantis has turned Florida into a MAGA church with Donald Trump the Almighty and DeSantis as the prosperity-gospel pastor.

I don’t think people in Wisconsin would think that’s a good thing.