IBEW Local 494 and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Announce Ratification of First Contract

Sep 13, 2022

IBEW Local 494 and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Announce Ratification of First Contract

MADISON, Wis. – The workers of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) represented by Local 494 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), have negotiated, and ratified their first union contract with DPW senior leadership.

Joining with Democratic state parties from around the country, whose workers have also organized with the IBEW, these committed political and campaign professionals are carrying on the fight for a fair, safe, and productive workspace, all while keeping the worker at the heart and center of the Democratic Party.

“This contract is an exciting next step forward for our team and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin,” said DPW Deputy Data Director Will Hoffman. “Through this contract, our bargaining unit has secured important provisions that will benefit and empower DPW staff for years to come, create more staff permanency and continue to strengthen our partnership with senior leadership. We are following in the finest traditions of the Democratic Party, the party that supports working people and their right to organize a union in their workplace.”

“We couldn’t be prouder of the bargaining unit’s work and commitment towards building a stronger partnership with their employer and are thrilled to welcome these workers into the IBEW union family,” said IBEW Local 494 Business Manager, Dean. A Warsh. “Among many other important provisions, this contract includes wage increases, relocation assistance, and a new policy to allow for the rollover of vacation days each year; a huge step forward and win for these committed leaders in their workplace.”

“With the ratification of this union contract, the DPW has taken further steps in adding to Wisconsin’s rich and long labor history,” said DPW Executive Director, Devin Remiker. “The DPW stands for the rights of all workers to organize a union, and we are grateful for all of the work that has been done to achieve this historic milestone.”