Let's keep fighting, y'all!


Yesterday, a federal judge extended the timeline for voters in Wisconsin to participate in our April 7th election, but due to the quick turnaround, there is a brief caveat on how to request an absentee ballot (which voters have until 5:00 PM CST today [4/3] to do).

In order to request a ballot for the April 7th election, voters need to select “All Elections in the calendar year 2020” when prompted “What elections would you like to request an Absentee ballot for?”

If we want a progressive government that works for ALL Wisconsinites, electing Jill Karofsky to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 7 is the first step.

We need your help to make #WiMarchForward a success!

Here’s what you can do:

Commit to volunteer TODAY, and we’ll contact you ASAP about getting started with our Virtual Phone Bank and Texting programs.  Both can be done from the comfort of your home – we just need to show you how first.

What else: