A Year of Disappointment for Derrick Van Orden

Jan 03, 2024

A Year of Disappointment for Derrick Van Orden

MADISON, Wis. — Today marks a tumultuous first year in Congress for Derrick Van Orden, who made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. From temper tantrums to his endorsement of extreme anti-freedom legislation, Derrick Van Orden made a name for himself as an embarrassment for Wisconsin—and someone who is unfit to represent the 3rd District.

Here’s a look back at the low-lights from Van Orden’s first year in Congress:

  • Cursing At Teenage Senate Pages: Derrick Van Orden made national headlines and earned bipartisan rebuke in July after cursing at teenage Senate pages during a late-night tour of the Capitol, calling the teenagers resting in the Capitol Rotunda dome “lazy sh—” and ordering them to “get the f— up” off the floor. Making matters worse, Van Orden reportedly bowed to his tour group after screaming at the teenagers.
  • Cursing At White House Officials: Derrick Van Orden’s poor temperament made another appearance in October when he reportedly launched a “belligerent” and “curse-laden” tirade at White House officials during a briefing on the Israel terrorist attack.
  • Abandoning His Post During October’s House Speaker Debacle: While the House GOP was busy choosing their next ultra-MAGA leader in October, Derrick Van Orden abandoned his responsibilities to go on a “fact-finding” mission in Israel that no one asked him to take.
  • No Farm Bill: Despite being the self-anointed “Cheese King” of Congress, Derrick Van Orden was unable to deliver on the priority Wisconsin farmers and families needed most in 2024: a new Farm Bill. Thanks to GOP dysfunction and extremism, a new Farm Bill appears mired in the House, and Van Orden has remained stubbornly silent on GOP plans to make a devastating $50 billion in cuts to this vital legislation.
  • Endorsing An Extreme National Abortion Ban: Running for Congress, Derrick Van Orden took an extreme anti-abortion position, even opposing any exceptions for victims of rape or incest. In office, Van Orden has continued to attack the freedom of Wisconsinites to make personal decisions about abortion without government interference, endorsing a new national abortion ban.
  • Record Unproductivity: Together with his Republican colleagues, Van Orden has been historically unproductive, with only 27 bills becoming law—the least since the Great Depression.

“Western Wisconsin deserves better than Derrick Van Orden. From his nonexistent list of accomplishments to his profane, headline-grabbing temper tantrums and meltdowns, Van Orden proved once again that he lacks the temperament, values, and basic decency to represent Wisconsin in Congress,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Haley McCoy.