Wisconsin Democrats on The GOP’s Latest Desperate Stunt

May 13, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats on The GOP’s Latest Desperate Stunt

MADISON, Wis. — Just weeks after the Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched its six-figure “No More Games” digital campaign to end the gridlock and release already approved money to stabilize rural hospitals and address drinking water pollution, Republicans are showing that the heat is getting to them. But instead of just having the Republican members of the Joint Finance Committee show up and do their job, state Senate Republicans announced they would be coming into session to attempt several veto overrides—and ultimately still get nothing done.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund issued the following statement:

“This latest stunt is yet another desperate attempt by Republican politicians in Madison to distract from the reality that they alone are responsible for blocking approved funding from flowing to save rural hospitals and clean pollutants from our drinking water. We don’t need another round of press conferences and pointless show votes, we just need Republicans to release the money they’ve already approved and get out of the way.”