Wisconsin Democrats Applaud Governor Evers’ State of the State Address

Jan 23, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats Applaud Governor Evers’ State of the State Address

MADISON, Wis. — Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement celebrating Governor Tony Evers’ 2024 State of the State Address:

“As Governor Evers reflected on the accomplishments of the past year in his sixth State of the State address tonight, we celebrated the bright future that lies ahead of us. With historic investments in education and infrastructure and comprehensive plans to support working Wisconsin families, Wisconsinites can trust that under Governor Evers’ leadership, our state is in good hands.

“In the past year alone, Governor Evers helped to win a historic increase in shared revenue, the state dollars which help local governments to fund essential public services like EMS, fire, law enforcement, and public transportation, and wielded his veto power to secure long-term increases in public education funding. And in a victory all of Wisconsin can celebrate, Governor Evers negotiated a bipartisan deal that will keep the Brewers home in Milwaukee for years to come. We recognize that every victory won for Wisconsin was hard-fought, and we know we have so much work left to do. Governor Evers has laid out comprehensive plans to address Wisconsinites’ most pressing concerns, including improving access to affordable housing, growing our workforce, providing tax relief for working families, and protecting access to child care. Now it’s time for our state legislators to come to the table and do what’s right for Wisconsin.

“As part of this commitment, Governor Evers declared tonight that 2024 is the Year of the Worker, and we as Wisconsin Democrats commend his declaration. Over the past year, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our state’s economy, and have witnessed power returning to Wisconsin workers after years under Scott Walker’s anti-union, anti-worker administration. Governor Evers recognizes the challenges ahead of us and will always work to bring people  together to find solutions that make Wisconsin stronger and better. We will have his back every step of the way.

“There’s critical work yet to be done to support working Wisconsin families, and to invest in the future of our state. We look forward to continuing to partner with Governor Evers and Democrats in the Legislature to continue to do the right thing for Wisconsin.”