Wisconsin Republicans Vote for Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA Wish List

Apr 26, 2023

Wisconsin Republicans Vote for Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA Wish List

MADISON, Wis. — Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement in response to all six Wisconsin Republicans in the U.S. House backing Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA debt ceiling bill:

“Confronting the threat of a catastrophic and unprecedented debt default, Wisconsin Republicans have teamed up with Kevin McCarthy to draft an extremist MAGA wish list that would harm our veterans, rip food assistance from Wisconsin seniors, and threaten health care for millions, all while protecting millionaire tax cheats. Wisconsin’s Republican Congressional delegation is attempting to take the full faith and credit of the United States hostage in order to hurt the most vulnerable in our society.

“This radical legislation would threaten access to health care and housing for Wisconsin veterans with a 22 percent budget cut to the VA, and would slash investments and programs that have generated billions of dollars in private sector investments and thousands of manufacturing jobs—including 200 new clean energy jobs in Mike Gallagher’s own district.

“It’s clear that Wisconsin Republicans in Congress are willing to risk default and recession to shield wealthy and well-connected tax cheats from accountability. Mike Gallagher, Tom Tiffany, Derrick Van Orden, Scott Fitzgerald, Bryan Steil, and Glenn Grothman will have to answer to the veterans and working Wisconsinites hurt by the GOP’s dangerous effort to push us closer to default.”