Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate Earth Day

Apr 22, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate Earth Day

MADISON, Wis. — In recognition of Earth Day, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“54 years ago today, Wisconsin’s own Senator Gaylord Nelson established the first ever Earth Day. Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is proud to continue the tradition and celebrate Earth Day, a day devoted to action to protect our environment. The threat of climate change looms large, but the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic efforts to address the climate crisis is already laying the groundwork for a brighter future.

“To Wisconsin’s Native Tribes, the original stewards of our land, we thank you for your leadership and your work to protect our lands and waters. We also thank leaders like Senator Nelson, who brought global awareness to this fight. It is our responsibility now to carry on and advocate for our environment, and today provides us with the perfect opportunity to recommit to that work.

“The importance of Earth Day underscores the distinct choice Wisconsinites have this upcoming election. Donald Trump enriched Big Oil executives and left Wisconsin families out to dry. If elected again, Trump has promised to do the bidding of wealthy oil executives starting ‘day one,’ costing Wisconsinites’ jobs, wages, and vital environmental protections to safeguard our air and water for generations to come. President Biden, by contrast, has passed the most consequential climate bill in history, bringing down energy costs, and creating jobs that put dinner on the table for hundreds of thousands of families—and he’s just getting started. Wisconsinites don’t want another Climate-Denier-In-Chief. This fall, Wisconsinites will reelect a president who believes in the spirit of Earth Day and is ready to build a better future for our planet, our people, and future generations.”