While Donald Trump’s RNC Closes Up Shop, President Biden Invests in Milwaukee

Mar 15, 2024

While Donald Trump’s RNC Closes Up Shop, President Biden Invests in Milwaukee

MADISON, Wis. — While President Biden stopped in Milwaukee this week to open the Wisconsin Democratic coordinated campaign headquarters and announce a historic new infrastructure investment to rebuild and reconnect key neighborhoods across the city, Donald Trump’s RNC was quietly pulling out of cities like Milwaukee entirely.

Under Trump’s new management, the RNC is shutting down its minority outreach program and abandoning planned community centers in cities across the country—including in Milwaukee. 

“With the RNC shuttering offices in Milwaukee, it’s clear that the RNC’s ‘commitment’ to the city was nothing more than a temporary election year gambit to save face with the voters that the Republican Party has left behind,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “As the RNC again closes up shop in Milwaukee, President Biden and Wisconsin Democrats’ work to show up and engage in communities across Milwaukee is already well underway—and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.”

While Donald Trump pulls out of Milwaukee, President Biden is investing:

  • On Wednesday, President Biden announced a new $36 million investment for the 6th Street Complete project to reconnect neighborhoods along the 6th Street corridor that have historically been left behind.
  • Milwaukee joined the Biden-Harris Get the Lead Out Partnership as an inaugural partner and received essential funding to accelerate efforts to replace lead pipes and improve public health across the city.
  • President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is supporting key projects to improve safety and revitalize Milwaukee neighborhoods, including:

    • $4 million through the Safe Streets and Roads for All program, which will help redesign roads, improve public transit, and keep pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobile occupants safe
    • $14.3 million grant to reimagine Villard Avenue, improve pedestrian safety, and boost the economy along the corridor
    • $2 million for the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee to clean up and repurpose a polluted brownfield site on 35th Street contaminated by industrial waste
  • President Biden called into two Black radio stations in Milwaukee this week to talk directly to Wisconsinites about his promises made and promises kept to the Black community—and to lay out the stark contrast with Donald Trump, who only wants to strip Wisconsinites of their freedoms, called America a “failing nation” and only cares about himself.
  • And to demonstrate a lasting commitment to Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Democratic coordinated campaign will be headquartered in Milwaukee—the first presidential campaign in over 20 years to be based in the city.