New Debate: Eric Toney Continues to Prove He’s Not Up For The Job of AG

Oct 16, 2022

New Debate: Eric Toney Continues to Prove He’s Not Up For The Job of AG

MADISON, Wis. – In a debate broadcast today on WISN’s UPFRONT, Republican AG nominee Eric Toney continued to spread debunked falsehoods and demonstrate to Wisconsinites that he is not up to the job of Attorney General.

Despite being fact-checked in real time, Toney used his appearance to push debunked claims about DOJ staffing levels. Unable to offer any concrete plan of his own to fund local law enforcement, Toney has resorted to desperately repeating lies in the hope they become true.

Toney also doubled down on the extremism that has driven his campaign, once again refusing to rule out prosecuting abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, putting doctors, nurses, and women at risk. This comes following a new report from PBS Wisconsin in which Toney announced his support for allowing District Attorneys to enforce Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban in neighboring counties.

“Eric Toney had an opportunity in this debate to share his vision for Wisconsin and his plans to invest in local law enforcement and public safety, but instead he chose to spread debunked falsehoods that were embarrassingly fact-checked in real-time,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Marnie O’Malley. “Eric Toney is desperate to distract Wisconsinites from the reality that he has no plan to fund local law enforcement, and he is eager to enforce our state’s draconian 1849 abortion ban. What we saw in this debate was clear: Eric Toney is a desperate, flailing candidate and is simply not up to the job of Attorney General.”