Ron Johnson Opposes Efforts to Lower Drug Costs

Dec 05, 2023

Ron Johnson Opposes Efforts to Lower Drug Costs

MADISON, Wis. — Today, in a Senate Finance Hearing examining prescription drug shortages and supply chain issues, Ron Johnson once again argued against government action to lower drug costs for Americans.

Thanks to leadership from President Biden and Vice President Harris, insulin costs have been capped at $35 a month for our seniors, and Medicare is now negotiating prices for prescription drugs for the first time—lowering costs for some of the costliest medications.

Rather than back efforts to lower costs for millions of Americans, Johnson cynically called for “free market discipline” and “the marketplace” to take care of lowering prices on prescription drugs.

This is hardly the first time Ron Johnson has called for leaving Americans at the mercy of Big Pharma:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund released the following statement:

“While President Biden and Vice President Harris fight to lower costs, Ron Johnson has no problem leaving Wisconsinites at the mercy of big pharma. Johnson voted against capping insulin for our seniors at $35 a month and he complained allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices was ‘punishing the pharmaceutical industry.’ Ron Johnson is the poster child for an extreme MAGA agenda intent on padding profits for big drug companies at the expense of Wisconsin seniors and working families.”