REMINDER: Schimel Still Supports Enforcing 1849 Abortion Ban

Jul 02, 2024

REMINDER: Schimel Still Supports Enforcing 1849 Abortion Ban

“The Wisconsin 1849 law is valid – there’s nothing in that law to make it invalid.”

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court announced that it will hear a case on constitutional protections for reproductive freedom. The Court’s action comes as extreme right-wing politician Brad Schimel continues to campaign on his opposition to reproductive freedom.

Last week marked the two-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and repealing nearly 50 years of precedent granting women a constitutional right to reproductive health care freedom. As recently revealed by the New York Times, an attorney under Schimel’s direction at the Wisconsin Department of Justice bragged about using their position to play a leading role in the national right-wing scheme to overturn Roe, which triggered a 19th century abortion ban in Wisconsin.

Schimel supports enforcing a criminal abortion statute and it was recently reported that he reconfirmed this position, saying, “the Wisconsin 1849 law is valid – there’s nothing in that law to make it invalid.”

Urban Milwaukee wrote, “Brad Schimel is running for the state Supreme Court as an anti-abortion warrior and hopes to turn the spring 2025 election into a nationally funded race that will help conservatives re-take control of a majority on the court.” The report, entitled ‘Brad Schimel is Mr. Anti-Abortion,’ went on to say, “It’s a safe bet that Schimel’s stand on abortion, and his spending of taxpayer dollars on right-wing national causes, will be at issue in the campaign.” 

“Brad Schimel supported overturning Roe v. Wade and is tied to extreme right wing special interests who worked to repeal nearly 50 years of precedent. Schimel has long supported turning back the clock further and enforcing a criminal abortion ban. And now Schimel opposes the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing a case to restore the constitutional right to reproductive freedom in Wisconsin. Thanks to the court’s current majority, this critical issue will finally receive the fair hearing it deserves,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Deputy Communications Director Haley McCoy.  “Brad Schimel is arrogant to think that politicians like himself know better than women and their doctors about reproductive health care, and Schimel is wrong to believe that the people of Wisconsin want justices on our highest court that will deny women their constitutional rights and reproductive freedoms.”