One Year into the MAGA House Majority, GOP Keeps Failing Wisconsinites

Jan 03, 2024

One Year into the MAGA House Majority, GOP Keeps Failing Wisconsinites

MADISON, Wis. — Today, on the one-year anniversary of Republicans becoming the majority in the House of Representatives, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund released the following statement:

“Over the past year, the only thing the MAGA House GOP majority has managed to deliver for Wisconsinites is more resounding evidence that they’re not capable of governing. Republicans in Congress have spent the last 365 days dragging the country through utter chaos – wasting time and taxpayer dollars on endless political stunts while delivering zero meaningful results for Wisconsin’s working families. Despite the House GOP’s failures, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Wisconsin Democrats are lowering costs, boosting the economy, and investing in America. Families in Wisconsin and across the country are reaping the benefits of Democratic leadership, no thanks to the House GOP.”

Here’s a look at how President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats continue to deliver for Wisconsin:

  • Creating Jobs and Raising Wages: While Donald Trump left office with the worst jobs record of any president since the Great Depression, 14.1 million jobs have been created under President Biden, including 162,800 in Wisconsin alone, and unemployment has been under 4% for 22 months in a row.
  • Lowering Prescription Drug and Health Care Costs: As Donald Trump and the rest of the MAGA 2024 field threaten to rip away health care from millions of Americans, the Biden-Harris administration has taken action to make it more affordable by capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month and taking on Big Pharma to lower prescription drug costs while saving 15 million Americans $800 per year on health insurance.
  • Tackling Inflation and Cracking Down on Junk Fees: While MAGA Republicans shill for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations at the expense of the middle class, under President Biden, annual inflation fell to its lowest level in more than two and a half years, and the Biden-Harris administration has cracked down on hidden junk fees in airline tickets, banking, investment advice, health insurance, and apartment rentals, saving Americans billions of dollars per year.
  • Tackling the Climate Crisis, Lowering Energy Costs, and Protecting the Environment: As Republicans continue to debate the existence of climate change, President Biden signed the largest investment in climate action ever with the Inflation Reduction Act — which has created 210,000 new clean energy jobs since August 2022 and spurred hundreds of billions of dollars in private sector investment that will create jobs and help families save an average of $500 per year on energy costs. Every single Republican in Congress voted against this bill. 
  • Investing in America: President Biden signed the largest infrastructure bill since the Eisenhower administration, and already announced $400 billion for 40,000 infrastructure projects across 4,500 communities, including $6.3 billion in Wisconsin alone — a stark contrast from Trump’s broken promises to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.
  • Making America Safer From Gun Violence: Trump and MAGA Republicans consistently put the gun lobby over the safety of our children. The Biden-Harris administration took on the gun lobby and passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the first significant gun violence legislation in nearly 30 years, and created the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention in American history.
  • Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care: Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees helped overturn Roe v. Wade, paving the way for Republicans across the country to strip away abortion rights. In the wake of that decision, President Biden signed executive orders to protect access to abortion, contraception, and the right to travel across state lines to access care.