WisDems Mark One Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

Aug 16, 2023

WisDems Mark One Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

MADISON, Wis.— Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, state Rep. Alex Joers, and Kevin Gundlach, the President of the South Central Federation of Labor, held a press call on the one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act.

From bringing down the cost of health care and prescription drugs to combating climate change and bringing new jobs home to Wisconsin, speakers highlighted how the Inflation Reduction Act is already doing what it promised and will continue to deliver for Wisconsin in the months and years ahead.

Watch the full event here and see what the speakers had to say, in part, below.

SCFL President Kevin Gundlach: “Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, we’re in the middle of a manufacturing boom in the United States, and the Inflation Reduction Act is a key part of that. Let’s talk about how many jobs it’s created in Wisconsin. 149,400 jobs—that’s almost 150,000 jobs that have been created in Wisconsin under President Biden’s leadership. That’s from manufacturing and construction to retail and restaurants, and that’s Wisconsinites who are getting back to work in record numbers, and in the industries that have set up our state to succeed for years to come.”

State Rep. Alex Joers: “The facts speak for themselves. The Inflation Reduction Act allows Medicare to negotiate some high cost prescription drug prices for the first time, which will bring down out-of-pocket costs for these drugs for Wisconsin Medicare beneficiaries. […] As one constituent recently told me at a door, ‘we are finally getting some fairness after all these years.’”

Chair Ben Wikler: “It’s critical, that on this anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, we reflect on the need to build on the progress of the IRA, the work that has been done, and we build on that promise by reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris, and Senator Tammy Baldwin, and flip those House districts so that we have Democrats up and down the ballot actually finishing the job.”