ON THE AIRWAVES: Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate President Biden’s Infrastructure Investments

Jan 25, 2024

ON THE AIRWAVES: Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate President Biden’s Infrastructure Investments

MADISON, Wis. — With President Biden visiting Superior today to highlight $1 billion in new federal funding to replace the Blatnik Bridge, Wisconsinites are hearing directly from Democratic leaders about how the Biden-Harris Administration is rebuilding our infrastructure and creating good-paying jobs across Wisconsin.

After Donald Trump turned “infrastructure week” into a punchline, President Biden and Democrats stepped up and delivered an infrastructure decade. Since the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed in 2021—without the support of a single Wisconsin Republican in Congress—over $6 billion has been announced to support Wisconsin infrastructure projects.

Hear what Democratic leaders had to say about how the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic infrastructure investments are delivering for Wisconsin:

  • Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley on the Earl Ingram Show: “A lot of this work that we have been embarking on, we wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’ investments in Milwaukee. […] When I think about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, it’s not just about what this president has done as it relates to rebuilding our roads, our highways, our bridges, but the investments in internet, in broadband across the state. The investments in our airport in Milwaukee County. The investments in just making sure that we’re doing what we can to move people all across this state, and really put our money where our mouth is—and not just talk the talk, right? [President Biden] is not out there talking about an infrastructure week like the former president was doing. He’s literally putting his money where his mouth is and making sure to invest in the American people.”
  • Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler on the Todd Albaugh Show:  “This Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is the biggest investment in American infrastructure since the creation of the interstate highway system. It’s a generational, major step up. It’s bridges, it’s roads, and it’s replacing lead pipes, which is going to affect the next generation. It makes a dramatic, dramatic difference. […] This bridge, the billion-dollar investment, is so critical because it’s been deteriorating. It’s a 60-year-old bridge. They had to put a 40-ton weight restriction on the bridge because it’s deteriorated so much. Lanes are closed over and over for safety inspections and maintenance. We wind up losing huge amounts of money in our economy because you just cannot drive enough cars over it because it might fall apart. […] There’s so much good that’s going to come from this, and this bridge is just one piece of that. It’s exactly as you say, actually getting it done, doing the work. Joe Biden is not trying to monopolize everybody’s attention every minute of the day, like a certain former President I know. He is focused on actually doing things that will make people’s lives better.”
  • Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler on WTMJ’s Decision Wisconsin: “We passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We’ve passed all these landmark bills that had been bottled up and gone nowhere under Donald Trump, despite all of his bluster about infrastructure week, every week. And now, tomorrow, President Biden will be in Superior, Wisconsin standing by a billion-dollar investment in a bridge crossing a span between two congressional districts where the Republicans voted against that very bill. But he’s just out there trying to govern in a way that benefits everybody, and it’s not flashy, but it makes a difference in people’s lives.”
  • Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley on the Truth with Sherwin Hughes: “We think about $6 billion that’s coming directly into the state of Wisconsin. And to put that into perspective, we’re talking about 350+projects […] It’s been quite refreshing to be quite honest with you. Because we had President Trump, and President Trump did his infrastructure week and it was all talk. And you’ve had Republicans who voted ‘no’ against the infrastructure law, as well as Republicans who voted against [the American Rescue Plan], and though they said ‘no,’ they’re going around their communities talking about how they brought this money back [to Wisconsin]. And we can’t have that type of doublespeak. People need to understand that this is Democrats, this is President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that are really making these investments. We need to be aware of them, and we need to make sure that we are paying attention to this as we go into that ballot box this upcoming November.”