New Data Confirms Eric Toney Misleading the Public

Nov 04, 2022

New Data Confirms Eric Toney Misleading the Public

MADISON, Wis. — New data reported yesterday by the Wisconsin State Journal confirms Eric Toney has been misleading the public for months with his claims about staffing at DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

As the State Journal reports, “Kaul’s tenure as attorney general had overall higher staffing levels than his predecessor, Republican Brad Schimel. DCI also had more authorized positions, not fewer, under Kaul.”

“Eric Toney’s claim on the campaign trail that DCI positions have been ‘defunded’ is an outright lie,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Marnie O’Malley. “It has been clear for months that the facts did not support what Eric Toney was telling voters, and his choice to continue repeating his false claims is disqualifying. As AG, integrity matters and Wisconsinites expect their Attorney General to be right on the facts and clear about where they stand — Eric Toney has demonstrated repeatedly he is capable of neither.”