Tim Michels’ Family Pours $1.5 Million Into His Race For Governor

Nov 01, 2022

Tim Michels’ Family Pours $1.5 Million Into His Race For Governor

Michels’ Family Business Could Receive Millions More In Taxpayer Dollars if Tim Michels Becomes Governor

MADISON, Wis. — New fundraising reports from Tim Michels and the Republican Party of Wisconsin show Michels’ brothers Pat and Kevin, who are CEO and Vice President of Michels Corp respectively, have poured over $1.5 million into the race – a small down payment for the millions of dollars in state contracts that could be awarded to them in a Michels administration.

Despite his vague promise to divest himself from Michels Corp, Michels has never detailed how that would actually be possible. This report further shows how closely Michels has tied his campaign to his company, and just a week ago, as one ethics expert explained “you can’t really divest your name or the company’s name.”

The legal and ethical problems Michels would face if elected governor have previously been detailed, with the Wisconsin State Journal reporting, “Wisconsin’s ethics law bars public officials from taking official action or using their office or position to benefit themselves, immediate family members or any associated organizations. Siblings are considered immediate family members under state law.”

Michels is a co-owner of Michels Corp and consistently mentions his significant involvement with the company. These latest disclosures prove his obvious conflict of interest and that he wouldn’t be able to truly divest from the company which has received over $1 billion in government contracts since 2014.

As Wisconsinites continue to learn about Michels and his company, they understand that his leadership would be full of broken promises and conflicts of interest. Michels is radical and wrong for Wisconsin.

“Tim Michels will say anything to hide his obvious conflicts of interest, and lie straight to the faces of Wisconsin voters,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff. “These latest disclosures prove Michels’ plan for Wisconsin is to turn the state into Michels Inc, and ensure he and his family continue to benefit at the expense of Wisconsin taxpayers.”