MAGA Republicans’ Looming Government Shutdown Would Crush Wisconsin Families

Sep 25, 2023

MAGA Republicans’ Looming Government Shutdown Would Crush Wisconsin Families

MADISON, Wis. — MAGA House Republicans continue to threaten Wisconsinites’ livelihoods with a looming government shutdown as the GOP remains consumed with chaotic infighting over their extreme agenda. In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund released the following statement:

“House Republicans have reached new lows, risking Wisconsinites’ livelihoods by threatening a government shutdown in pursuit of their MAGA agenda. Republicans are forcing families to brace for two extremes: a government shutdown that would devastate Wisconsinites or extreme cuts that would raise costs and slash funding for child care, schools, and law enforcement, and more. A GOP government shutdown would be devastating for Wisconsin, but for Republicans like Tom Tiffany, Derrick Van Orden, Bryan Steil, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Grothman, and Scott Fitzgerald, Wisconsinites’ lives and families are just tools in their political stunts.”

The Republican continuing resolution to fund the government doubles down on extreme MAGA demands that would be a disaster for Wisconsinites:

  • Makes devastating, indiscriminate cuts to food safety, education, law enforcement, housing, Head Start and child care, Meals on Wheels, and more;
  • Fails to provide urgent funding the president has requested to support disaster-struck communities, counter fentanyl trafficking, or preserve access to critical food assistance for pregnant and postpartum women and young children.

A MAGA government shutdown would be devastating for Wisconsinites:

  • Force servicemembers and law enforcement officers to work without pay;
  • Endanger disaster response by increasing the risk FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund is depleted, as well as complicate new emergency response efforts;
  • Immediately cut off access to Head Start for 10,000 children across the country;
  • Risk creating significant delays for travelers by forcing air traffic controllers and TSA officers to work without pay;
  • Undermine food safety by forcing the Food and Drug Administration to delay food safety inspections.