Dan Kelly Escalates Feud With Jennifer Dorow

Feb 10, 2023

Dan Kelly Escalates Feud With Jennifer Dorow

MADISON, Wis. — Dan Kelly escalated his feud with Jennifer Dorow this week, doubling down on his refusal to commit to endorsing Dorow should she emerge from the Supreme Court primary because he doubts Dorow’s conservative credentials.

At a Dane County GOP meeting this week, Dan Kelly lamented Dorow’s supposed unproven conservatism, complaining “there’s no treatise, there’s no law review article. There’s not even an opinion piece in the newspaper” from Dorow to demonstrate her far-right fidelity. Kelly later joined conservative talk radio [01:13:27] to challenge Dorow to prove her right-wing bona fides by delivering a lecture on the Constitution.

While Dorow has been outspoken in the past about her self-described “strong conservative values” she has been light on specifics throughout her campaign, at times even refusing to address questions directly and instead reading prepared statements from a binder. And despite her public obfuscation, Dorow has received the backing of key conservatives and right-wing groups, including the endorsement of a leading anti-abortion group that “endorses candidates who have pledged to champion pro-life values and stand with Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative strategy.”

“Jennifer Dorow has been outspoken in the past about her ‘strong conservative values’ but has done her best to avoid getting into specifics in this campaign,”said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Haley McCoy. “It’s time for Jennifer Dorow to get specific about where she stands and level with Wisconsinites—is she a ‘conservative’ like Dan Kelly? It might take a formal treatise but Wisconsinites deserve answers from Jennifer Dorow.”