Jennifer Dorow Endorsed By Extreme Anti-Abortion Group

Jan 25, 2023

Jennifer Dorow Endorsed By Extreme Anti-Abortion Group

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Jennifer Dorow won the endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life, one of the state’s leading anti-abortion groups.

As noted on their website, Wisconsin Right To Life “endorses candidates who have pledged to champion pro-life values and stand with Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative strategy.” Notably, Wisconsin Right to Life opposes abortion in nearly all cases—including cases of rape or incest.

In an appearance on right-wing talk radio earlier this week, Dorow also fully endorsed the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs [21:13], overturning Roe v. Wade and ending safe and legal access to abortion for millions of Americans.

“Groups like Wisconsin Right to Life don’t make casual or careless endorsements—they state plainly that they back candidates who share their extreme views and will ‘stand’ with their strategy,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “This latest endorsement makes clear that Jennifer Dorow is committed to blocking any access to abortion in Wisconsin. Thanks to the decades-long efforts of groups like Wisconsin Right to Life, Wisconsinites are now forced to travel hundreds of miles or more to access life-saving reproductive health care in neighboring states. It would appear anti-abortion extremists have found an ally in Jennifer Dorow in their efforts to enforce the nightmare reality now faced by millions of Wisconsinites.”

See below for background on Wisconsin Right to Life’s extreme anti-abortion views:

Wisconsin Right To Life On Its Opposition To Abortion In Cases Of Rape: “Women Can Turn A Horrible Experience Into One That Is Life-Giving.” “Fortunately, pregnancy from rape is extremely rare, but it can and does happen. Women should not feel that they have to victimize their own child, or have the child pay for the crime of the father. Women can turn a horrible experience into one that is life-giving. The most important thing she needs at this distressing time is love, support, and assistance for her and her child.” [Hot Topics – Abortion, Wisconsin Right To Life, Accessed 10/14/22]

Wisconsin Right To Life Argued That For Rape Victims, Abortion Was “A Second Assault, A Reminder Of The Invasive Violence She Already Has Endured.” “Though many outsiders view abortion as a quick and sanitary procedure that takes place behind closed doors, to the woman who has been raped it is a second assault, a disturbing reminder of the invasive violence she already has endured.” [Hot Topics – Abortion, Wisconsin Right To Life, Accessed 10/14/22]

Wisconsin Right To Life: “For Victims Of Incest, Pregnancy Can Actually Represent Their Only Hope Of Escaping Their Abusive Situation. To Such A Girl, Incest Is The Problem And Pregnancy May Be The Solution.” “Picture a very young girl who is being sexually assaulted by someone in her family or a close friend and you have the typical, tragic victim of incest. She is helpless and in a seemingly hopeless situation. Someone who is supposed to be protecting her is using her in a vile manner. It is rare, but sometimes she becomes pregnant. For victims of incest, pregnancy can actually represent their only hope of escaping their abusive situation. To such a girl, incest is the problem and pregnancy may be the solution. The pregnancy forces someone to recognize what she is going through and take steps to rescue her from this intolerable situation.” [Hot Topics – Abortion, Wisconsin Right To Life, Accessed 10/14/22]