ICYMI: Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Launches Defend Justice Campaign

Sep 06, 2023

ICYMI: Democratic Party of Wisconsin Launches Defend Justice Campaign

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched Defend Justice, a multi-pronged statewide campaign to hold Wisconsin Legislative Republicans accountable for their unconstitutional, anti-democratic threat to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

With Defend Justice, WisDems will conduct a robust outreach campaign to inform the public about the GOP’s renewed attacks on Wisconsin’s free and fair elections, as well as mobilize Wisconsinites to call on their legislators to reject any effort by Robin Vos and Republicans to overturn the will of Wisconsin voters through an unconstitutional and unprecedented impeachment power grab. Wisconsinites can find their state legislators’ contact information and track where their legislators stand on impeachment at defendjustice.com.

Watch the press conference and see what speakers had to say about this unprecedented moment for democracy below:

Representative Greta Neubauer: “Our challenge is that every member of the Wisconsin State Legislature must respect the will of the people, defend the very essence of democracy in Wisconsin, and reject Speaker Vos’ anti-democratic impeachment threat—immediately and publicly. Every legislator must look in the mirror and ask whether they are willing to erase the votes of over a million Wisconsinites—including their own constituents—and shred our very system of government for their own gain.”

Senator Melissa Agard: “Politicians should not be overturning elections because they don’t like the results or the outcome. We cannot let Robin Vos and Wisconsin’s Republicans get away with unconstitutional, unprecedented power grabs in our state. Wisconsinites will not let it stand.  […] If voters cannot go to the voting booth and cast their ballot without the fear of an election being overturned and their whole vote being rendered null and void, what’s the point of having elections? This is the fundamental promise of our age; one person, one vote.”

Chair Ben Wikler: “Defenders of democracy and allies of democracy—including the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and many others—are launching a statewide campaign to defend justice, called Defend Justice, to ensure that the Republican Party knows, and that Robin Vos knows, that an attempt to impeach Janet Protasiewicz would be an absolute political disaster for Republican candidates for office up and down the ballot in the state of Wisconsin, and the disaster for our system of government and democracy in our state.”