ICYMI: Chair Wikler Calls Out Donald Trump, Scott Walker’s Failed Promises on CNN

Jun 20, 2024

ICYMI: Chair Wikler Calls Out Donald Trump, Scott Walker’s Failed Promises on CNN

MADISON, Wis. — Last night, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler joined CNN’s NewsNight with Abby Phillip alongside failed Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. While Chair Wikler highlighted how President Biden has delivered time and again for Wisconsin where Donald Trump and Walker failed, Scott Walker desperately attempted to spin Donald Trump’s unfulfilled promises and disdain for Wisconsinites.

From bringing new investments to southeast Wisconsin to investing in our infrastructure, Chair Wikler reminded viewers that President Biden is fighting for Wisconsinites and going toe-to-toe with the wealthy special interests Donald Trump and Scott Walker are beholden to.

“Although President Trump, and you Governor, broke ground with golden shovels on a factory that went up in smoke, we actually are, right now, constructing this AI data center in Racine County that will bring thousands of family-supporting jobs,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. “And that’s the difference between promises like the infrastructure bill that never materialized under Trump, and delivering for Wisconsinites what you see under President Biden: thousands upon thousands of manufacturing jobs in the state of Wisconsin. This is a jobs boom, and a president who’s focused on fighting special interests to bring costs down, starting with big drug companies. We’ve already brought the cost of insulin for people on Medicare down to $35 a month—he wants to do the same thing for everyone who needs insulin, and go to other drugs besides. This is a president who actually knows what it takes to get things done. And what we’ve seen from Trump over and over is big talk, big promises, and in the end, he only focuses on himself.”