NEWS: Eric Hovde Reiterates He Wants to Ban Abortion

Apr 04, 2024

NEWS: Eric Hovde Reiterates He Wants to Ban Abortion

MADISON, Wis.Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Arik Wolk released the following statement in response to Eric Hovde announcing his continued support for an abortion ban:

“Today, Eric Hovde reiterated that he supports banning abortion and supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which led to millions of Wisconsin women losing the freedom to choose.”

See below for the facts on Eric Hovde’s anti-abortion record:

  • Hovde said, in no uncertain terms, he wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade. He reiterated his support for the decision today.

  • He said he believes life begins at conception and that we needed to “protect life” “from conception.”

  • Hovde has said he is:

  • He was even endorsed by a pro-life group that wants to make abortion “legally unacceptable” because he “indicated strong support for federal right-to-life issues”

    • This group led the charge to reinstate our state’s 1849 abortion ban. 

  • He has backed judges and politicians with tens of thousands in donations who support banning abortion.

  • Last month, his spokesperson confirmed that Hovde still supports a ban on abortion.

  • And as several Wisconsin news outlets reported just weeks ago, including the APWKBT, and the CapTimesEric Hovde is opposed to abortion rights and has been for years on end.