WATCH: California Bank Owner Eric Hovde’s Lavish California Life

Feb 23, 2024

WATCH: California Bank Owner Eric Hovde’s Lavish California Life

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin released a new video highlighting California bank owner Eric Hovde’s (R–Laguna Beach) lavish Laguna Beach, California lifestyle and his strong ties to the state of California, including the $2.8 billion California bank he owns, which he admits is his ‘main business,’ and his $7 million ocean view mansion in one of California’s most luxurious and exclusive private gated communities.

Take a tour of Eric Hovde’s luxurious California lifestyle HERE.

Hovde’s ocean view mansion is located in one of Laguna Beach’s most affluent and luxurious gated communities with California’s only private beach, a private fire department, and private yacht parking dock. As the owner of a $2.8 billion California bank, Hovde is very involved in his California community, so much so that he’s been named one of Orange County’s most influential people three years in a row and is a local California celebrity with his popular California TV commercials. Hovde’s apparently so busy spending time in California that he’s missed Wisconsin elections over and over again, and in the last election he actually bothered to vote in, he had his ballot sent to his Laguna Beach mansion. Even conservative talk radio hosts in Wisconsin and Hovde’s potential GOP primary rivals have questioned if Hovde’s California ties make him trustworthy enough to represent Wisconsin in the Senate.

When Hovde is not catching rays, waves, or checks in his $7 million ocean view mansion in Laguna Beach, California, he’s working hard to pass his self-serving agenda, which includes being “totally opposed to abortion,” gutting Social Security and Medicarerepealing the Affordable Care Act, and cutting taxes for rich people like himself while raising taxes on middle-class Wisconsin families.