FACT SHEET: House GOP’s Reckless Debt Plan Would Have Devastating Impact on Wisconsin

Apr 27, 2023

FACT SHEET: House GOP’s Reckless Debt Plan Would Have Devastating Impact on Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, all six of Wisconsin’s House Republicans voted to pass Kevin McCarthy’s reckless debt ceiling plan, an ultra-MAGA wishlist that will harm seniors and veterans, threaten jobs, and raise costs for working families all while making it easier for the ultra wealthy and large corporations to cheat on taxes.

House Republicans’ willingness to invoke economic catastrophe in order to force draconian cuts to critical federal programs comes in sharp contrast with President Biden’s commonsense budget, which not only invests in America, but lowers costs for working families, protects and strengthens Social Security and Medicare, and reduces the budget deficit by nearly $3 trillion over ten years. Not only that, but President Biden’s budget ensures that no one making less than $400,000 a year pays even a cent more in new taxes.

Check out how the GOP’s reckless debt plan will harm Wisconsin:


  • The Republican debt bill would jeopardize food assistance for 189,000 Wisconsinites by creating harsh new eligibility restrictions in SNAP. The bill would also increase child poverty and hunger by taking away vital nutrition assistance from 24,000 women, infants and children.
  • Under the ultra-MAGA debt bill, 7,000 Wisconsin families would lose access to rental assistance, putting thousands of older adults, disabled individuals, and families with children at risk of homelessness.


  • 1.4 million Wisconsin seniors and people with disabilities would be forced to endure longer wait times when seeking assistance with Social Security and Medicare benefits because of Republicans’ proposed spending cuts.
  • The Republican debt bill would threaten medical care for 116,000 Wisconsin veterans by cutting funding for the VA. These draconian cuts could leave Wisconsin veterans unable to get appointments for wellness visits, mental health services, and substance abuse treatments.