NEW VIDEO: Eric Toney vs. Eric Toney

Nov 01, 2022

NEW VIDEO: Eric Toney vs. Eric Toney

MADISON, Wis. — Last week, Attorney General Josh Kaul and Republican candidate Eric Toney took to the debate stage in Madison, where Toney brazenly misled the public about his proposal to empower roving enforcers of Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban.

Pressed on the debate stage about his proposal to give District Attorneys new authority to cross county lines to prosecute abortions, Toney tried to claim “I never made that proposal.”

There is just one problem: he did.

Now, in a new video released by WisDems, the public can see just how brazenly Toney is attempting to mislead, with Eric Toney saying one thing  — and then caught on video saying the opposite.

Watch Eric Toney vs. Eric Toney here.