Eric Hovde’s No Good, Very Bad Week

Jul 01, 2024

Eric Hovde’s No Good, Very Bad Week

MADISON, Wis. — Another week, another series of bad headlines about Eric Hovde. From saying he knows Black culture because he’s been to Africa, to calling abortion bans “reasonable,” and new revelations about his family business’ shady dealings in China and how he would be a “walking conflict of interest” in the Senate, Eric Hovde continues to show Wisconsinites he wouldn’t work for them if elected. 

Read more below about Hovde’s no good, very bad week: 

Hovde Says He Understands Black Culture Because He’s Been to Africa: During an interview with 101.7 The Truth radio on Juneteenth in Milwaukee, Hovde suggested he understands Black culture because he has spent time in Africa and runs “homeless shelters for abandoned kids” there. Hovde then doubled down on his claims, saying questions about his statement from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel were a “laughing joke.”

Hovde’s comments were criticized by members of the Black community, including WNOV host Michelle Bryant, who called out the ignorance of Hovde’s comments.

A Walking Conflict of Interest: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Hovde is refusing to give up ownership of his California bank if he is elected to the Senate, opening himself up to huge conflicts of interest, were he to be voting on banking policy in the Senate.


Made His Money in Shady Ways: Earlier last week, news broke exposing how Hovde’s family business tried to do business in China through an investment vehicle called Hovde China Ventures. This comes as Hovde has refused to file a financial disclosure and come clean about his personal finances, despite using his fortune to pour millions of dollars into his campaign


Banning abortion is “reasonable:” On the week of the anniversary of the horrific Dobbs decision, Wisconsin voters called Hovde out for the threat he poses to reproductive rights.

Hovde has been clear on his stance on abortion: