Dorow Dodges Key Questions During Candidate Forum

Jan 10, 2023

Dorow Dodges Key Questions During Candidate Forum

MADISON, Wis. — During a Supreme Court candidate forum yesterday, Judge Jennifer Dorow set herself apart — not for what she said, but rather what she didn’t. Dorow dodged basic questions on topics ranging from redistricting to gun safety, hiding potentially extreme views from the people of Wisconsin.

In refusing to answer questions on topics important to Wisconsinites, Dorow claimed she wanted to remain “impartial” in case those issues came before the Supreme Court. However, Dorow’s excuses fall flat when considering her background as a Walker-era judicial appointee— proudly boasting of her “strong conservative values” when first applying for her appointment.

Dorow even refused to address head on whether she still believed the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 landmark decision in Lawrence v. Texas – striking down a Texas law criminalizing same sex relations – was the Court’s worst opinion ever, as she had claimed in her 2011 application.

“Jennifer Dorow had no problem openly sharing her beliefs when it was politically advantageous during the Walker era, and her attempt to hide from voters now is disingenuous,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Haley McCoy. “Dorow can pretend that she’s staying impartial by refusing to answer questions, but her strategy to hide her extremist views from Wisconsin is clear. The stakes of the Supreme Court election couldn’t be higher for the future of our state, and voters deserve straightforward answers from Jennifer Dorow before they head to the ballot box next month.”