Democratic Party of Wisconsin Celebrates Juneteenth

Jun 19, 2024

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Celebrates Juneteenth

MADISON, Wis. — In honor of Juneteenth, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler and Vice Chair Felesia Martin released the following statements:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:

“We celebrate Juneteenth to mark the day in 1865 when the last enslaved Black Americans in Texas first learned of the Emancipation Proclamation—more than two years after it was issued. For over 50 years, Wisconsinites have honored Juneteenth as a time to celebrate Black liberation through struggle. Juneteenth is a day both to commemorate progress and also to recommit to the enormous work yet left unfinished: to this day, Wisconsin is scarred by some of the biggest racial disparities in America. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to redressing inequities in education, health care, the economy, our justice system, our democracy, and all the other dimensions of American society in which these disparities persist. Amidst the celebration, we will continue the long march towards liberty and justice for all.” 

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Vice Chair Felesia Martin:

“Today, as we remember the end of a dark chapter of American history, we also celebrate liberation, honor our Black ancestors, and acknowledge the work that still needs to be done to elevate Black Americans. While Wisconsin has a rich history of Juneteenth celebrations, this day only became federally recognized as a holiday three years ago. We know that there is still so much more progress to be made for Black communities across our state and our country as bad actors try their hardest to stifle our voices, take away our liberties, and suppress our votes. Despite the forces that work against us, we are proud to recognize, honor, and celebrate Juneteenth as we continually work towards creating a more perfect union where all people can flourish.”