CHAOS CAUCUS: Wisconsin Republicans Double Down on Anti-Abortion Extremism

May 31, 2023

CHAOS CAUCUS: Wisconsin Republicans Double Down on Anti-Abortion Extremism

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature doubled down on their anti-abortion extremism by proposing a package of legislation to enshrine Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban into law.

The new Republican effort to cement the 1849 ban in state statute was announced on the same day that new reporting from POLITICO detailed just how damaging the GOP’s extreme position on abortion has been in recent elections.

Also under the new GOP legislation, the state would funnel $1 million in taxpayer funds annually to the anti-abortion group Choose Life Wisconsin, which was founded by two of Wisconsin’s leading anti-abortion groups. Choose Life Wisconsin would then distribute this state funding to so-called “pregnancy resource centers” which use misleading and manipulative information to dissuade patients from seeking abortion care.

“On the same day that POLITICO reported on the GOP’s struggle to win statewide because of their anti-abortion extremism, Republican politicians in Madison doubled down with a new proposal to enshrine Wisconsin’s archaic 1849 criminal abortion ban into law,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “Despite Wisconsin voters delivering a clear rebuke of the GOP’s extreme anti-abortion agenda last April, the chaos caucus in Madison is pushing a plan to funnel taxpayer dollars to anti-abortion special interest groups. The GOP can’t seem to see the writing on the wall, and Wisconsinites are left paying the price.”