ICYMI: Chair Wikler Calls Out Trump’s Infrastructure Failures on MSNBC

Jan 26, 2024

ICYMI: Chair Wikler Calls Out Trump’s Infrastructure Failures on MSNBC

MADISON, Wis. — Last night, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler joined the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to highlight the contrast between President Biden and Democrats’ work investing in America and fighting for our freedoms and Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans’ record of abandoning working families and ripping away Wisconsinites’ rights.

Republican politicians in Madison would rather attack Wisconsinites’ freedoms than solve problems, and Wisconsinites saw the contrast for themselves yesterday. While President Biden was in Superior to tout a historic $1 billion investment to replace the Blatnik Bridge, Wisconsin Republicans in Madison spent the day comparing women to animals and passing an extreme 14-week abortion ban.

Watch Chair Wikler on the Last Word, and see what he had to say, in part, below:

CHAIR BEN WIKLER: “After four years of Donald Trump turning ‘infrastructure week’ into a punchline, Joe Biden came along and created an infrastructure decade. When Tony Evers, our governor, was running for governor, you had to drive over what people called ‘Scott-holes’ because Scott Walker had completely ignored the roads, year after year after year, and refused infrastructure money from President Obama. Donald Trump comes along, promises infrastructure investments—sits on his hands. In a moment when he’s being begged by Congress to actually do an infrastructure bill, does nothing. Then President Biden gets it done, gets a bipartisan bill through. Every single Wisconsin Republican votes against it. And yet, [the Biden-Harris Administration has] now committed $6.1 billion to Wisconsin alone. Replacing this bridge, every lead pipe. These are changes that will affect people’s day to day lives.”