Wisconsin’s Hyperpartisan Supreme Court is Endangering the Public

Mar 31, 2021

Contact: DPW Communications (press@wisdems.org)

(MADISON) — In a 4-3 decision, The Supreme Court of Wisconsin this morning issued a reckless and dangerous ruling, overturning critical public health measures during a global pandemic. Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler issued the following statement in response:

“Thanks to Governor Evers’s steady leadership throughout the pandemic, Wisconsin is a national leader in vaccinations and currently has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the Midwest. Republican politicians in the Legislature took nearly 300 days to act on COVID, and today the GOP is attempting to further sabotage our progress. Today’s far-right state Supreme Court ruling has nothing to do with the law. It is pure partisan politics, it is reckless, and it is dangerous. It will make our families less safe, and our schools and our economy more difficult to fully reopen.

“The experts leading our federal response to this pandemic tell us that aside from getting vaccinated, wearing a mask is our best way to stop the spread of this deadly disease. But because of the radical conservative majority on our Supreme Court, Wisconsin will be forced to abandon the critical protections Governor Evers put in place, both threatening millions of dollars in federal food assistance every month for low-income people in Wisconsin and leaving our vulnerable loved ones at greater health risk.

“This latest radical ruling serves as a stark reminder of all that we must fight for in 2023, when Justice Roggensack’s term ends and we have an opportunity to elect a new justice who respects our laws, our Constitution, and the health and safety of our people.”