Wisconsin Democrats Call out Donald Trump’s Broken Promises to Protect Earned Benefits Programs Like Medicare, Social Security

Feb 14, 2020

February 14, 2020
Contact: Philip Shulman (phils@wisdems.org)

Wisconsin Democrats Call out Donald Trump’s Broken Promises to Protect Earned Benefits Programs Like Medicare, Social Security

(MADISON & GREEN BAY, WI) — Wisconsin Democrats from across the State called out Donald Trump’s broken promises to protect vital programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP following the release of his budget proposal which includes slashing these programs..

At an event in Madison, State Senator and Assistant Minority Leader Janet Bewley, State Senator Dave Hansen, and Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler blasted Trump for putting their constituents and the state of Wisconsin at risk.

Later in the Day, Senator Hansen returned to his Green Bay area district where he was joined by Medicare and Social Security recipient Mary Ginnebaugh, and diabetic Noah Reif, who discussed the consequences if Trump got his way.

Bewley: “His most recent proposal would cut hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for vital programs that my constituents, and the constituents of my Democratic and Republican colleagues alike, need to live happy and productive lives…In Wisconsin we believe in fairness, and what Trump is doing, breaking his promises to protect programs like Medicare and Social Security, is wholly unfair. It’s unfair to my constituents and it’s unfair to our entire state. Wisconsinites shouldn’t have to suffer these cuts just so he can extend his tax cuts to the richest Americans and corporations, as his budget proposes.”

Hansen:  “Many put their hopes in Trump, who promised to be a different kind of Republican — the kind that would protect earned benefit programs like Social Security and Medicare. In fact, when he visited my district’s backyard in 2016, Trump promised: ‘…As sure as you’re sitting there, you’re keeping your social security. You’ve been paying in all your lives. You’re going to keep your Social Security and your Medicare…’ Well it’s clear he broke his promises to us, and is now lying to us based on his most recent budget proposal, which takes a buzzsaw to Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and SNAP. I have constituents who have been living in fear because of Trump’s attack on our health care system, and now will have to wonder if their Medicare is going to be stripped away.”

Wikler: “From his first day in office he was on the attack. Trump’s proposal to rip health care away from millions of Americans included an all out assault on Medicaid…Because of the fight pushing back on that proposal, in ‘18 Democrats won every statewide election for the first time since 1982…Make no mistake…if Donald Trump, achieves his wish, if Donald Trump wins reelection and and is able to pass his budget into law millions will suffer. That’s why the stakes are so high; that’s why Wisconsinites are organizing like never before — to stop Donald Trump from being able to rip away benefits that Wisconsinites and Americans alike have earned. And that’s why we’re going to prevail this november.”

Ginnebaugh: “I take a daily ameno therapy drug that keeps my cancer at bay. Without the Medicare help that I get for my prescription drug service, that drug on a monthly basis would cost me $17,500…I can tell you at $17,500 a month…[without Medicare] I may have been able to pay for 1, 2, or maybe 3 months but certainly not sustain it, and I owe that all to Medicare and my Medicare copay of $200 a month for this life saving drug…It saved my life, I am able to live a life that I can enjoy with my grandkids, children and family. I don’t know what the heck Donald Trump is thinking when at one point when he says I’m not going to cut Medicare or Social Security and then turns it into a budget issue…this is gaslighting at it’s best…They don’t care about people like me and other retirees or receive that kind of assistance…they care about their buddies that all make millions of dollars.”

Reif: “I live with a pre-existing condition. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was only 2 years old…I know what it’s like to ration insulin. I know what it’s like to ration test strips and syringes because of an unexpected spike in pricing of the drugs I rely on…Under this proposed federal budget from President Trump, Eli Lilly [multi-billion dollar drug company] will continue to pay zero dollar sin federal income taxes…Everyone in this room pays more in federal income taxes then a company valued at $167 billion. We will be the ones footing their bill at the expense of Medicare, our badger care, and our social security…We all pay into these programs…Everyone should be able to get the affordable prescription medicine when we need it. We should not have to live in fear of losing our lives because of corporate greed…We cannot afford to believe a president who has continued to break his promises to protect people like me.”