Wisconsin Can't Trust What Kevin Nicholson Says

Sep 28, 2017

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Sept. 27, 2017
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Wisconsin Can’t Trust What Kevin Nicholson Says
MADISON — A recent Politico article revealing the extent of Kevin Nicholson’s political opportunism clarifies what many in Wisconsin already know: you can’t trust anything Kevin says, especially where he stands on the issues. But that’s not surprising, since Nicholson began lying to the people of Wisconsin long before he announced his candidacy and has no reason to stop now.
Read about how Nicholson squirmed as he tried to talk his way out of his 2000 Democratic National Convention speech where he voiced support for a “woman’s right to choose.” Did he write it or no? Jury’s still out.
According to Politico:
Nicholson Failed To Answer “A Simple Question” Whether Or Not He Wrote The Abortion Line In His Speech. “As we ride together, I ask a simple question: Did you write that line, or was it written for you? ‘Um, let’s start with the most important thing,’ he replies. ‘I’m responsible because I said it. So don’t think that I’m equivocating on this.’ Sure, I say, but it’s important to nail down: Did you write it? ‘Yeah—so, no. The bottom line is … ‘”[Politico, 9/22/17]
Nicholson “Swallows Hard” And “His Face Is Flushed” When Asked To Answer Directly. “Nicholson stops and swallows hard. His face is flushed. ‘Cognizant of the fact you’re going to write this out, I want to be clear: I own it, ‘cause I was a young person but I was an adult, and I should have known better. Period.’” [Politico, 9/22/17]
Nicholson Then Denied That He Wrote The Abortion Line, Claimed His Speech Was “Pretty Innocuous.” “He continues: ‘I wrote a speech which was pretty innocuous. It was about generational differences. … That was sent to the DNC, it was recut, and that particular phrase was inserted.’ So, I ask him, you didn’t write that phrase about abortion? ‘Nope. Well it—don’t get me as a bullshitter here. I own it. I said it.’” [Politico, 9/22/17]
Nicholson In His Own Words: “Don’t Get Me As A Bullshitter Here.” “‘Nope. Well it—don’t get me as a bullshitter here. I own it. I said it.’” [Politico, 9/22/17]

Nicholson Needs Help To “Craft Sharper Answers To Questions About His Background.” “She’ll have to help her husband craft sharper answers to questions about his background, including that convention speech.” [Politico, 9/22/17]
And don’t forget that Kevin Nicholson’s past includes:

· Saying that “Al Gore needs to be elected in order to ensure that the simple issues, base issues like a woman’s right to choose, must be protected.” [Politico, 9/22/17]

· A proudly-worded, supportive letter to EMILY’s List, an organization that works to elect pro-choice women. [KevinforWisconsin.com]
· Claiming he voted ‘no preference’ in the 2008 democratic presidential primary while records show, no one in his precinct who voted in person, as he did, voted ‘no preference.’ Kevin was caught in the lie on camera. [WITI, 5/14/17]
· Politifact Wisconsin dug into Kevin Nicholson’s purported 2008 ‘no preference’ vote and found that “what records are available indicate that Nicholson did not cast a ‘no preference’ vote in 2008 as he says he did.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/31/17]

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