What They're Saying: Gov. Scott Walker's Failed Leadership Created Budget Impasse

Jun 07, 2017

Amid the near day-to-day chaos of the 2017-19 state budget process, it’s clear that Republicans don’t have any ideas to create more opportunity for hard-working families in communities across Wisconsin to get ahead. 

Instead of bringing more ideas to the table, Republicans would rather bicker over how to erode opportunity than work with Democrats to rebuild a fair and vibrant economy in Wisconsin. Who’s to blame? The two biggest newspapers in the state say Gov. Scott Walker’s failed leadership is to blame for the current budget impasse. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Legislature and governor need to find common ground on the state budget
“Sadly, Republicans can’t look to the governor for help, or even a reasonable long-term plan. He would borrow more and put off some necessary major projects, such as improving the I-94 East-West Corridor through Milwaukee. That simply wastes money and kicks the can down the proverbial road to future generations. It’s unfair to them and it’s unfair to the businesses looking for a reliable transportation network to grow the economy.
“Walker needs to take off his blinders and recognize the severity of the problem. And he needs to sit down and come to terms with Vos and Fitzgerald on a solution that can meet long-term needs.
“Republicans do have urgent work to do on this budget beyond transportation, including funding for rural schools. They need to show voters that they can do their jobs in a timely manner. Failure will leave the state a lot more than a day late and a dollar short.”
Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: Get roads done with real money

“But what the governor failed to acknowledge at his press conference Monday is he is the biggest reason so many projects are falling behind. Gov. Walker has repeatedly failed to support a sustainable transportation funding system. He wants to borrow half a billion dollars in his latest state budget request, rather than raising long-stagnant fees on drivers to bring in real money.
“The Legislature shouldn’t allow the governor to continue pushing highway costs into the future. Lawmakers should insist on more revenue and less borrowing in ongoing state budget negotiations.”

“Democrats know that working families in Wisconsin deserve leaders who will increase opportunities to achieve the American Dream, ” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Wednesday. “The two largest papers in the state can see that Governor Scott Walker and legislative Republicans are standing in the way of progress for working families in our state. After six years of the same failed policies, it’s time for a change. Democrats are ready and willing to work with Republicans to create economic security for hard-working families. Wisconsinites deserve progressive leadership that will prioritize creating a fair economy that works for us all and provides economic opportunity for every community in our state.”