Why We Can't Afford to Have a Republican President

Jul 20, 2016

If there is one thing we know here in Wisconsin, it’s that our country cannot afford to have a Republican in the White House, especially one as dangerous and divisive as Donald Trump who lacks the temperament to be president. Nationally, Democrats have had great success, pulling our country out of the great recession, creating nearly 15 million jobs, and producing 76 straight months of positive job growth.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has not enjoyed this kind of success under the misguided agenda of Scott Walker and the Republicans. Our state is a microcosm of what a Republican presidency would look like, and our country cannot implement the disastrous agenda that has wrecked our state.

In Wisconsin, under the rule of Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans, our economy, infrastructure, and public education have been kicked to the curb, and we are all feeling the effects.

Before Walker took office, Wisconsin was 11th in the nation in job creation, but since his and the Republican’s hostile takeover of our state, we have dropped to 32nd. Scott Walker uses cherry-picked stats to promote his agenda, but has no reasonable explanation for last year’s 10,000 layoff notices in Wisconsin.

Instead of addressing the problem, Walker chose to add insult to injury, giving $21 million in tax breaks to the 11 wealthiest people in Wisconsin. If that weren’t enough, Walker has used the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation like his own personal piggy bank, funneling money to big dollar donors who fill his campaign coffers. 

While Walker is more than happy to pander to the millionaires and billionaires, he doesn’t believe in the minimum wage and doesn’t “think it serves a purpose”.

The economy is just one of many areas where Walker has failed the people of Wisconsin. Our infrastructure has fallen to 3rd worst in the nation, endangering Wisconsinites as they travel the state and deterring businesses from transporting their goods to every corner of Wisconsin. 

Education, despite being the driving force behind successful and growing economies, is an afterthought for Scott Walker, who gleefully cut over a $1.1 billion in funding from public K-12 and over half a billion in funding from our public universities and colleges. In addition, Walker refuses to help the more than one million Wisconsinites burdened by a combined over a billion dollars in student debt, even though our state has the third highest college debt rate per person in the country.

Walker claims we need to slash and burn our budgets because the money isn’t there, but really it’s because he is fiscally irresponsible. Instead of accepting the $300 million in federal Medicaid money, which could free up funding to rebuild our infrastructure our strengthen our schools, Walker rejected the money, following the strict orders of his right wing extremist donors and leaving Wisconsinites hanging out to dry.

“Even if Scott Walker holds his nose while he votes for Donald Trump, the two are cut from the same cloth. While Walker has proven what a dangerous agenda put into action looks like here in Wisconsin, we cannot let that be compounded by Donald Trump’s dangerous policy proposals, estimated to cost us three million jobs nation wide and throw us back into a recession,” Democratic Party of Spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday.