Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

Jul 30, 2018

Less than 3 weeks until the August primary!

Remember — on Tuesday, August 14th, you have the opportunity to use your voice to choose the next Democratic governor of Wisconsin! Check and see if you’re registered here, and let your friends know that they can register on election day!

To all you young people, please, keep mobilizing! Keep voting! I am so impressed by your motivation to exercise your political power; youth voter turnout is up 6% in a matter of months here in Wisconsin!

Democrats are winning in Wisconsin. Starting with Senator Patty Schachtner in Senate District 10 and most recently Senator Caleb Frostman in Senate District 1, we have seen the power of our field teams to mobilize Democratic voters for our candidates up and down the ballot.

“Loved seeing all these smiling faces at the Kenosha Central team meeting today. #TeamTammy is fired up and ready to hit the doors! #WiFightBack @tammybaldwin @WisDems” — @tonianneWI

And we’re ready to win moreDon’t forget to #VoteBlueWI on August 14th to choose our Democratic nominee for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer and more! You may have local races on your ballot as well. Check out this page to make sure you’re registered, have all the necessary documents, and get a sneak peak of what’s on your ballot!

Meet our candidates

With the elections right around the corner, make sure you’re an informed voter!

Check out the hard work of our friends over at the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (ADCC) and State Senate Democratic Campaign (SSDC) to check out the candidates running for Senate and Assembly in your district! You can also learn more about all of our gubernatorial candidates here!

Kyle Whelton is running for Senate in District 9 to support working families! (And our Senator Tammy Baldwin is a big fan!)
photo: @vlandowski

On the death of Milwaukee Police Officer Michael J. Michalski

This week, a 17-year veteran of the Milwaukee police department was killed in the line of duty. Violence continues to take the lives of innocent people who deserve to make it home. These incidents need to end. Our hearts are with the families of the fallen officer and others hurt in yesterday’s tragic event.

“The loss, grief, and sadness that accompanies fatal and tragic incidents like this leave our entire community in utter shock and mourning. My heart is with the Milwaukee Police Department, our community, and the friends and family of the officer during this difficult time.” – Sen. LaTonya Johnson

“There is no greater sacrifice than that of those who give their life to protect and serve our communities and our country. Together we can and must do more to improve police and community relations and be advocates for safer neighborhoods, decreasing the chances of situations like this occurring and ensuring the safety of those who dedicate and risk their lives for the people of our great city.” – Rep. David Crowley

“There are certain moments so shocking and so painful that words barely touch the surface of the profound depth of what has occurred. The loss of life is one such moment. This Officer gave 17 years of service to our city and this is not how that service should have ended.” – Sen. Lena Taylor

Betsy DeVos comes to town

On Tuesday, Betsy DeVos, the worst Education Secretary our nation has ever had, came to Wisconsin for a photo-op. It isn’t really surprising that DeVos would come to Wisconsin; she and Scott Walker have the exact same approach to education funding. They both support policies that have diverted taxpayer dollars to private, unaccountable schools while starving our public schools.

Where was Walker? Nowhere to be seen! Surely our anti-education governor could have stuck around to welcome our anti-education Education Secretary to Wisconsin, but he had to jet off to Aspen, Colorado for another meeting with national Republicans.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), Walker did release another ad on his education record this week. Ron Martin, President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council and Kim Kohlhaas, President of the American Federation of Teachers – Wisconsin, both came out and blasted the ad which focussed on the Three Lakes School District, which due to a lack of state funding, nearly closed last year! Their community had to pass a $15 million referendum to keep the lights on!

Maybe that’s why a recent Morning Consult poll found that Scott Walker is the ninth least popular governor, and the third least popular running for re-election…

Thank you, Congresswoman Moore!

Shoutout to Congresswoman Gwen Moore for continuing to bring our Wisconsin values to Washington!

On Monday, her amendment to create a nationwide initiative to fund lead reduction programs passed the House! All people deserve access to safe housing, and Rep. Moore is fighting for these communities all across the country, especially high-risk communities.

Thanks so much for all your dedication to the people of the 4th Congressional District, and vulnerable communities all across the country!

Brad Schimel violates campaign finance laws

AG Brad Schimel, someone who was elected to serve as Wisconsin’s top law enforcement officer, is in fact now violating the law himself. Just this week, it was uncovered that AG Schimel received more than the legal amount of campaign contributions from RAGA, an organization primarily funded by the NRA and opioid manufacturers.  

With the extent that the opioid crisis is affecting our communities and the lack of initiative (to put it lightly) on Schimel’s behalf to test the state’s massive rape kit backlog, AG Schimel must be held accountable for his neglect of Wisconsinites. Instead of working to keep Wisconsin communities safe, Brad Schimel has chosen instead to push the agenda of the political interest groups that bankroll his campaign.

That’s why we all have to be pulling in the same direction to get Josh Kaul elected in November. Josh is committed to addressing the addiction crisis in our communities and ending the rapekit backlog once and for all. 

As Attorney General, Josh Kaul’s priorities would be with the hardworking people of Wisconsin, not with special interest backers
photo: @taylimberg

African American leadership summit

The African American Leadership Summit convened last week in Atlanta to celebrate the dedicated leaders from our communities of color. This group came together to discuss the importance of mobilizing voters from every zip code and the need for representation of all people in our elected offices.

Our own DPW Vice Chair David Bowen had the chance to meet with the unstoppable Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, who is poised to be the first African-American woman elected governor of any state! 

 Congrats to La Crosse County Dems!

This Saturday will be the grand opening of the new office for the La Crosse County Democratic Party! We are so excited that our friends from La Crosse will have this amazing new space to support our booming field program and awesome volunteer base who are working so hard to elect Dems up and down the ticket this November! You can find them at their new downtown headquarters at 115 5th Avenue South, La Crosse, WI 54601.