Two Years After Introduction, Tax Scam Bill is a Clear Failure for Working Wisconsinites

Sep 27, 2019

(MADISON, WI) – Today marks the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump introducing his tax scam bill. The bill, which Trump promised would improve wages, bring back jobs from overseas, and improve hard working people’s well being, has turned out to be nothing more than a handout to the richest Americans and largest corporations. 

“When the GOP first introduced this legislation, we sounded the alarm bell because we knew it was nothing more than a handout for the ultra-rich that would do nothing for hard-working Wisconsinites,” Congressman Mark Pocan said. “We were right. Trump broke his promise that the tax bill would create exponential growth, bring jobs back from overseas, and that wages would grow. Now his Republican colleagues want to use Wisconsinites’ earned Social Security and Medicare benefits to pay for this boondoggle. What’s more is that health care costs are rising, manufacturing has contracted for the first time since Trump took office, and our rural communities are being crushed by Trump’s chaotic trade war. Trump has taken step after step to hurt working Wisconsinites, and we will continue to fight for policies that remedy that pain.”

Whether it’s in rural, suburban, or the urban areas of Wisconsin, hard working Wisconsinites do not feel like they are benefitting from the tax scam bill. And there’s no reason they would. Wisconsin has lost over 5,000 factory jobs during the past year, the second most of any state. Overall manufacturing is also contracting for the first time in three years. In addition, health care costs are on the rise, with families now paying on average over $20,000 a year for their plans, an all time record high. 

Trump’s erratic trade war with China has added insult to injury for the Wisconsin economy. Farmers and those in the agriculture industry are being crushed, including manufacturers and small businesses. Things have gotten so bad Wisconsin is seeing two dairy farms close down a day, and family farms that grow wheat, soybeans, and ginseng face a daily debate of trying to weather the storm or close their doors forever. Analysts have found the trade war could cost the average family up to $1,000 a year.

The tax scam has also been a blow to American workers. On a press call yesterday, Dan Bukiewicz, President of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council, said as much. You can read part of his remarks below and you can click here to listen to the full audio of the press call.

“The GOP promised that these taxes [tax breaks] would help the average working American. It is not true, particularly in the building trade. These tax cuts went to the top 1%, they are the only ones…who saw any benefit from it. But hardworking people that are building our roads our schools our hospitals our homes, are basically being penalized for going into work everyday and their safety is being compromised by with the roll backs…Their tools, equipment, and supplies, the things that are basic necessities for them to make a living with are no longer deductible. Using a personal cell phone [on the job] no longer deductible…car expenses while working none of that deductible for these individuals. As I said they maintain critical infrastructure for the entire country and they are being cheated on these deductions. These deductions in some cases depending on the trade add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the average worker…These create hardships for the families…Meanwhile the businesses are reaping all the benefits of the tax cuts. It’s completely unfair…the GOP once again broke their promise to working Americans.” — Dan Bukiewicz, President of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council

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