WisDems Statement on Republicans’ Voter Suppression Bills

Jun 22, 2021


June 22, 2021

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WisDems Statement on Republicans’ Voter Suppression Bills

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Republicans in the state legislature passed bills limiting access to absentee ballots and attacking Wisconsinites’ right to vote.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“The bills passed by Wisconsin Republicans are an attack on voting rights and an attempt to make our elections less inclusive. Republicans know that the 2020 election was free, fair, and accessible, as was confirmed and reconfirmed by state and federal courts and election officials. Voters chose, Biden won, and Trump lost. But instead of recognizing that the problem was their candidate, Republicans decided that the problem was democracy itself. Now, under the guise of election integrity, Republicans across the country are leading an all-out assault on democracy, attempting to suppress as many votes as possible. Republicans know Democrats are delivering on popular policy ideas for Americans, and after record turnout in last year’s election, they’re afraid of losing every major race moving forward.

“Republicans see Wisconsin, a key swing state, as a target because of its importance in presidential elections, the success of Governor Evers, and Ron Johnson’s vulnerability. Wisconsin Republicans are falling right in line with national party leadership and are recklessly playing their part in this partisan power grab with no regard for how this will hurt the people they represent. The voter suppression bills being proposed and passed across the country would pose a significant threat to voting rights for people with disabilities, young people, low-income people, and people of color. Republicans are targeting the most vulnerable Wisconsinites in order to suppress enough votes to tip the scales in their favor—because they know they’ll never win in a fair fight.

“H.R.1., the urgently-needed For The People Act, would repair the damage from Republicans’ attacks at the state level—but faces challenging prospects in Congress due to opposition by Republicans like Senator Ron Johnson. If H.R. 1 doesn’t pass, Democratic governors will be the last line of defense against these attacks on our democracy. Wisconsinites can trust Governor Tony Evers to stand up for democracy and to continue to fight for the rights of every eligible voter in the state.”