Statement on Governor Walker Announcement

Sep 21, 2015

Statement on Governor
Walker Announcement

Madison – Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, released the following statement after Governor Walker’s announcement that he is ending his presidential campaign:

“Governor Walker’s divide and conquer strategy did not work this time because everyone has seen what that has done to our state. Unfortunately, Wisconsin now has to live with the results of the extreme agenda he pushed here to further his standing in the Republican Presidential Primary. He put in place deep cuts to our education system, pushed policies that resulted in an economy that lags far behind most other states, and purposefully divided our state all in the name of promoting himself for president.

It is very telling that just last week Governor Walker announced his plans to try to once again pit workers against each other and now he is dropping out of the race for president. Once people saw he had the same plans for the nation that he used in Wisconsin, his support evaporated to zero.
The damage Governor Walker did to our state while running for president is real and will take a long time to repair. But I know Democrats are up to the challenge. We know Wisconsin residents are tired of the divide and conquer politics and they want leaders focused on moving our state forward. We’re excited to put forth candidates who share Wisconsin values like providing opportunities for everyone to succeed by supporting a strong education system and training for workers to get ahead in the economy. Together we will restore Wisconsin’s proud tradition of progressive leadership.”