State of the State: Walker Highlights his Own Record of Failures

Jan 24, 2018

In State of the State, Intimidated Walker Launches Blistering Attack … on His Own Record

Governor Walker suddenly appears to value education, health care and communities — inadvertently highlighting his seven-year history of failing Wisconsin in his desperate tough election reinvention


MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker’s 2018 State of the State message is sharply critical of his own record governing Wisconsin. Recently he has been flip-flopping and pandering in a desperate attempt to cover-up seven years of failures in this tough election year. Walker hopes voters forget how he has given away Wisconsin to billionaires and a giant foreign corporation while ignoring and hurting the needs of the people of our state.

His speech showed his desperation and willingness to mislead Wisconsinites in his reelection-fueled attempt at reinvention.
“An attentive governor who loves Wisconsin would spend all four years taking care of Wisconsinites and doing what is best for all our people, our communities and our economy,” said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning. “Scott Walker has spent seven-plus years giving away our taxpayer resources to billionaires, Foxconn and his presidential campaign  donors. Now he is lurching all over the political landscape in a political cover-up to buy votes.

“Walker’s recent, shameless backpedaling exposes that he’s known all along he is hurting Wisconsin for his own political gain. That’s not how we do things here in Wisconsin,” Laning added.

Prior to the address, Walker projected that much of his speech will focus on four areas — education, correction reform, health care and jobs — areas where he has thoroughly failed Wisconsin throughout his seven years as governor. The re-election stances he is currently peddling to cover up his neglect proves Scott Walker, yet again as he did during re-election in 2014, banks on selling out Wisconsin for most of his term with a few giveaways using our state resources at the very end.

Walker’s cynical attempts to deceive Wisconsin are proven by the sharp difference between his remarks and actions now and his actual seven-year record as governor and 25-year record as a politician.

“Wake up call, Gov. Walker: Wisconsinites don’t like it when you take away our health care, gut our public schools and colleges and give our Wisconsin tax dollars away to your rich friends to advance your own political career,” added Laning.

“Scott Walker betrayed core Wisconsin values to promote his failed presidential race and gain favor with the right-wing extremists he courts as he travels the country. Now facing a tough re-election, he hopes to come back to Wisconsin and dupe voters into thinking he suddenly cares about our education and health care.”