Side-By-Side: Republicans Push to Raise Taxes, Democrats Push to Lower Costs

Apr 12, 2022


April 12, 2022

Contact: Julia Hamelburg (julia.hamelburg@wisdems.org)

Side-By-Side: Republicans Push to Raise Taxes, Democrats Push to Lower Costs

While Republicans aim to raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites, President Biden, Gov. Evers, and Wisconsin Democrats are working to lower costs and make billionaires pay their fair share

Wisconsin Republicans have had a busy month of betraying working families and cozying up to billionaires. Even GOP leadership is struggling to defend their own agenda which would raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites and gut health care protections for those living with pre-existing conditions. And now, on the heels of Wisconsin’s own Ron Johnson admitting that he rigged the 2017 tax system in a way that benefited him and his biggest donors, Wisconsin Republicans will have to spend this April recess explaining their record of voting against measures to lower costs for Americans. 

Over the past few weeks, every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voted against bills that would make insulin more affordable— which as many as 392,965 Wisconsinites with diabetes rely on – and help as many as 3,776 Wisconsin restaurants and businesses who didn’t receive the first round of Restaurant Revitalization Fund relief cover costs. These votes send a clear message to Wisconsin families: the GOP wants to hike your taxes, take away your health care, and withhold support from your small businesses. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are working overtime to lower costs and cut taxes for working families. At the federal level, every Wisconsin Democrat in Congress voted in favor of bills to cap the monthly cost of insulin at $35 and get much-needed relief to local businesses while President Biden continues to push his plan to make sure billionaires pay their fair share. At the state level, Gov. Evers has also followed through on his promise to lower taxes, providing a combined $4 billion in relief since taking office and cutting income taxes for working families by 15 percent.

See for yourself how Democrats’ and Republicans’ agendas stack up against each other:


Republicans Democrats
Taxes Increase taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites Make billionaires pay their fair share without raising taxes on working Wisconsinites
Drug Prices Every Wisconsin Republican Representative voted against a bill to cap the cost of insulin Every Wisconsin Democratic Representative supported bill to cap monthly insulin costs at $35
Health Care Repeal ACA, which could increase health care costs and gut protections from Wisconsinites living with pre-existing conditions Built on the ACA to lower health care costs for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites
Small Business Relief Every Wisconsin Republican Representative voted against providing relief to 3,776 of eligible restaurants in Wisconsin. Every Wisconsin Democratic Representative voted to get local restaurants assistance they need to deal with expenses