SHOT/CHASER: Ron Johnson claims to be an "Outsider"

Jul 16, 2015

The Washington Examiner, a conservative DC-based publication, says Senator Ron Johnson will portray himself as a Washington D.C. “outsider” in his campaign for reelection. 

In reality, Wisconsin political observers have noted Senator Johnson’s fondness for Washington D.C.

SHOT, National Conservative Publication: “Incumbent Ron Johnson runs as outsider as GOP defends Senate” [Headline, Washington Examiner, 7/16/2015]

CHASERWisconsin Reporter“I get the sense that he likes Washington. You know, he ran as someone who was running against Washington last time, but I get the sense that he likes being on the cable shows. He likes his house there.” Dan Bice [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel YouTube, 5/21/2015]