Senator Ron Johnson Meets With Super PAC Billionaires

Jun 18, 2015

Instead of saying yes or no to Badger Pledge, Johnson fundraises with super PAC funders

Instead of giving a yes or no answer to Russ Feingold’s offer to keep limitless dark money out of Wisconsin’s Senate race, Ron Johnson questionably spent Monday attending a campaign cash fundraiser to rub elbows with billionaires who operate and fund super PACs.

The New York City fundraiser on Monday was hosted by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who has given more than $10 million to outside groups. Super PAC director and CEO Todd Ricketts also co-hosted the event; his organization Ending Spending spent $24 million in dark money on the last election cycle.

Johnson attended the event while refusing requests to answer yes or no to the Badger Pledge, a tried and true bipartisan agreement that would keep tens of millions of dollars in dark money from flooding Wisconsin.

“It’s absurd for Ron Johnson to give silent approval to billionaires who steer tens of millions of dollars to super PACs while refusing to give a yes or no answer to Wisconsin on the Badger Pledge. This just proves that when Wisconsin deserve a yes or no answer, Ron Johnson is going to check with the big corporations and billionaires he represents first,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Thursday.