Scott Walker's speech is not about Donald Trump, it's about Scott Walker

Jul 20, 2016

Walker has had difficulty finding his seat on board the Trump Train and now, while Scott Walker gives his hollow speech in support of Donald Trump, his real message is “please nominate me in 2020”.

During Wisconsin’s primary, Walker through his support behind Ted Cruz, whose own extreme and radical history was drowned out by the circus that has been the Trump campaign for president. Even after it became clear that Trump would be the nominee, Walker back tracked on his repeated pledge to support whoever became the Republican nominee and refused to state his support for Trump. Once he did affirm his support, in a brief tweet, Walker failed to even use the nominee’s name: Donald Trump.

Now, Walker is on stage with his tail between his legs, stumping for a man who ridiculed and insulted him during the Wisconsin primary. But it is clear Walker’s speech is not about supporting Donald Trump or party unity – it is about Walker putting his own personal ambition to be the Republican nominee in 2020 in front of unifying his party.

“Scott Walker will do anything to keep a seat at the table after his failed presidential bid. It is clear he doesn’t want to help Donald Trump win in November, and would rather talk about setting the stage for his presidential run in 2020. Is Walker hoping that Donald Trump loses for his own political ambitions?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said.