Russ Wins Tonight’s Debate With Plans For Stronger Future

Oct 18, 2016



Russ Fights For All Wisconsinites, Sen. Johnson Hides From Record of Failure


During tonight’s U.S. Senate debate, Wisconsinites saw a stark contrast between Russ’s bipartisan solutions to fight for all Wisconsinites, while Senator Johnson fled from his failed six years in Washington: historic obstruction of a Supreme Court nominee, opposing all federal student loans, voting against critical funding to address the opioid, opposing raising to the minimum wage, and fighting to roll back seniors’ health care by voucherizing Medicare. Instead, Senator Johnson offered his full-throated support of Donald Trump.

Traveling to all 72 counties, Russ has heard firsthand that it’s too hard to pay the bills, and that Wisconsin needs a leader who will work across the aisle and stand up for middle class and working families.

Read below as Wisconsin elected officials highlight Russ’s success in tonight’sdebate:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairwoman Martha Laning:

“Russ won tonight’s debate because on every single issue, he stood with the working families of Wisconsin over the corporations and special interests desperate to keep Sen. Johnson in Washington. Sen. Johnson failed to defend his time in Washington protecting the powerful at the expense of Wisconsin. Russ was the only candidate to present a clear vision for an economy that works for everyone, the only candidate to demonstrate a commitment to bipartisanship, and the only candidate who proved that he actually listens to the people in all 72 counties of this state.”

State Representative and Democratic Party of Wisconsin Vice Chair David Bowen (Milwaukee):

“Tonight I was proud to have Russ in Milwaukee standing up for the forgotten workers, small businesses, veterans, and families of Ron Johnson’s failed tenure in the Senate. Russ presented detailed plans to move Wisconsin and our country forward, while Senator Johnson was joint at hip to Donald Trump while reiterating his opposition to commonsense reforms & solutions. In the senate, Russ will take what he’s heard in all of Wisconsin’s communities. I stand with Russ.”

State Representative LaTonya Johnson (Milwaukee)

“During tonight’s debate, Russ was the only candidate who discussed his plan to fight for Wisconsin’s workers and families. While Senator Johnson spent the debate ducking and dodging from his failed record, Russ discussed his visits to every corner of Wisconsin, where he listened to the issues most important to Wisconsinites. Just last month, I joined Russ in Sherman Park, where he discussed the need to unite our communities. Wisconsinites deserves a senator like Russ who will stand up for the needs of all Wisconsinites.”

State Representative Cory Mason (Racine):

“During tonight’s U.S. Senate debate, Wisconsinites saw a clear contrast between Russ’s plan to build an economy that works for all in the state, versus that of Senator Johnson that defends a system that only protects Wall Street and billionaires at the expense of Wisconsin’s working families. The choice in this election is clear. While Senator Johnson clings to Donald Trump and his bigoted, divisive policies, Russ will fight for the middle class and working families, because Wisconsin is best when everyone has the opportunity to succeed.”

Penny Bernard Schaber, Former State Representative (Appleton)


“Russ was the only candidate on the stage tonight who has a plan to build an economy that works for all Wisconsinites, not just CEOs of powerful corporations and multi-millionaires. Russ will fight for the people of Appleton, so that our businesses, workers, and families are not limited in our opportunities to succeed.”


State Senator Janet Bewley (Ashland)


“There’s no question that Russ come out on top in tonight’s debate. Senator Johnson continues to oppose commonsense measures that empower businesses and workers, such as expanding rural broadband access and rebuilding the state’s crumbling infrastructure, while supporting the most divisive candidate who’s even run for president. While Johnson has ignored the people of my community during his time in Washington, Russ has spent his campaign meeting with entrepreneurs and families and discussing the issues that are most important. I’m proud to support Russ, because in the Senate he will work across the aisle and do what’s right for all Wisconsinites.”